I am sitting immediately below the metal lampshade, so you can see the flash of light from the camera as I take the picture. It is at the “top” and slightly right side of the white area of the lamp in the middle. You can just make out my face looking up at you from behind and to the right “above” that little ball of light. My wife can be seen a little more easily, sitting reading a book on the sofa in the background behind me against the green wall, and on the right of the picture you can see through the window into the garden, a kind of extension of the room.

I have spent many happy and creative hours in this room, looking through the large window across the valley watching the skies and the trees and thinking about my shamanistic creations of conceptual art, poetry and dance.

You can also see some of the books I have collected on the shelves at the left of the picture, and a photo sitting on a shelf there of myself and my wife on a night out at our local psytrance night a few years ago.

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